The Author/Illustrator-

2 About - RosemaryRosemary Broadway is the mother of three daughters and the grandmother of seven boys.  She lives in Montgomery, Alabama.

Though she comes from two generations of poets and has written poetry herself for years, A Superhero for God is her first children’s book.  She surprised herself in deciding to write this book but felt compelled to tell this true story of an unexpected event that happened in the life of one of her grandsons.  She had not only witnessed it with her own eyes, but she had experienced the truth of the meaning behind it in her own personal life.  So, in a real sense, she realized that this story is not just her grandson’s story but is her story, too, and it’s also probably the story of just about anyone who has ever said or done something he or she regrets.

For her, the writing and illustrating of this book was a faith experience.  Its message is important to her, and she hopes it will be to others.